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It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I last wrote.  I apologize for disappearing.  The truth of the matter is, there’s several reasons behind my disappearance.  One contributing factor has been that life just gets plain old hectic and crazy and I lose time.  I have been struggling to incorporate this specific passion and purpose in with the remainder of my daily activities.  In addition to this challenge, I’ve been faced with a few difficulties in response to the practice of building on entries within my earlier book Rise Higher-Daily Reminders for the Rising Self.  I believe this is because I’ve been called to action to embrace, embody, and set free my authentic self.  And so the journey has begun again.

The irony of walking through this calling has been that I really, truly have come back to the place I began.  I’m coming back home to me.  All the way to my roots, my core.  In reality, I’ve never strayed far.  I never turned away from Self, I just silenced it.  I won’t go into details of my story here, but the bottom line, is that I spent many years denying Self in order to belong in the world.  And I’m having a great time finding the bits and pieces of myself again.  It’s obviously not all rainbows and butterflies.  There’s some harsh and painful truths to face.  However, today I get to revisit and experience these truths with courage instead of fear.  After all, that’s what my experiences were all about.  They were meant to break down my walls and bust open my heart with an unconditional love for Self and others.  I’m not perfect at it, and I’m no saint.  But I’ve sent my intention to heal and to rise into a Higher Self that is focused on service to all creation.  I’ve been walking this path for the last three years, after experiencing what I like to call My Moment of Destruction.  During this time, something snapped, and my path was going to go one of two ways.  Either I was going to shut down all together, or I was going to rise up.  By grace, I began to rise.

During this time of healing, I wrote Rise Higher and published it.  Revisiting it here and there and determining that I wasn’t it’s biggest fan.  Which is not unusual for me, but I was able to see exactly what I didn’t like about it.  First, it was too reserved.  This was because I naturally had fear when I decided to publish my first book that was based on the lessons and healing that I’d experienced through the years prior.  Understandable, but not exactly in alignment with self.  So, I decided to elaborate further on earth entry through this page.  But alas, I found further discrepancies between my previous writings and my current beliefs and practices.  Namely, the concept of destroying the ego, and a few others.   This is great news!  It means I’m growing and evolving and coming further into alignment with Self and Source.  I still have not reconciled the act of setting boundaries and the act of unconditional love.  I fully believe in both simultaneously, but I haven’t clearly wrapped my head and heart around the process.  More to come in that arena.

Another aspect of this sharing is that I do not wish to speak from a space of certainty and absolute.  We’re all constantly growing and evolving, or at least I hope so!  My hope is that we walk together, side by side, as we travel in wonder and enchantment down our paths back home.  Rising in consciousness and lighting the way, hand in hand.

I will only be building on Rise Higher from time to time in the future, with regular postings as I’m able.  However, in the meantime, I’m with you in spirit and taking each step together.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett



Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert: It’s all true.

All the writings, and teachings.  All the practices, and ideas.  All the beliefs, and stories.  They’re all true. They’re true for you when they resonate with you.  All of that which sends shock waves up your spine and raised the hair on your skin.  All of that which lights up your soul and awakens your heart.  It’s true for you right now in this moment because it directs your path back to the state of love. This is the higher self at work, leading the way and allowing divine guidance to be announced.

This will also evolve, because you will evolve.  But it always begins and ends with love.  What may start out as a resonance with the art of boundaries, could serve to ignite our warrior spirit.  Leading us down the path of protection of ourselves and all we hold dear.  A brutal yet necessary​ lesson in the emerging of the higher self. Yet, as we rise, the fire in our spirit leads us through the lessons in duality and inches us closer to the state of unconditional love.  What rings true is an unshakeable trust in Self and Source, that we are fully equipped and able to set boundaries on behaviors and send love to the being that they originate from.  This is divine timing.  It’s a process.  And we will not fully understand and embrace each state without experiencing the previous one.

Our only requirement is to set an intention of unconditional love, and trust the universe to provide all that is needed for us to reside there.  It will require faith in ourselves and willingness to follow guidance.  It will require us to view each experience as an opportunity, a lesson that will point to our own darkness, as well as others, that requires healing.  It will require radical forgiveness and choosing to serve all of creation.  It’s terrifying and breathtaking, brutal and phenomenal.  And it’s the most stunning symphony we will ever be blessed to experience in all our days.

Love and light to you today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett

So What Are You Going To Do With It?

They say a Christ Consciousness means we must reside in a space of unconditional love and service to all creation.  I for one have no intention of attempting to one up Jesus Christ himself, or any other spiritual master that has walked this earth.  However, I do believe it is my duty as a member of the human race, and a requirement of my spiritual evolution, to attempt to fill my space with unconditional love while fulfilling a higher purpose of service to all creation.  Striving for a state of this Christ-like consciousness.  This belief enveloped my spirit during my transformation from dwelling in darkness to rising into this light.

When it’s said to trust the process, this suggests that we are to walk through our experiences and utilize them as opportunities to rise into our higher selves.  That there is a divine force at work along our path and each experience brings blessings and gifts on the other side of the lesson.  Based on my personal experience with this process, I agree!  It’s been 3 years since I experienced my moment of destruction.  My transformation involved clearing the negative energy that consumed my soul as a result of the accumulated lessons along my journey, learning how to radically forgive and unconditionally love those who chose to intentionally inflict pain with no remorse or apology, and begin to learn to trust myself and my Higher Power in unshakable faith.  I experienced brutal and painful lessons in boundaries, healing, rising, strength, flow, consciousness, faith, hope, duality, personal responsibility, and personal power.  The tools that were provided to me along the way included acceptance, detached love, synchronicity, abundance, awareness, increased empathy, increased compassion, and a much needed healthy sense of humor.

So how do we use these lessons and tools to strive for the state of unconditional love and service?  There’s a process of going within prior to going without.  It sounds contradictory, but in order to be in a state of unconditional love and service to all creation, we must first go within our own being.  We must, first and foremost, acknowledge and embrace our own darkness.  I can sit here and say whole heartedly that every single second of our lives is divinely perfect, with no accidents and no failures.  That we are exactly where we’re supposed to be, experiencing exactly what we’re supposed to be experiencing for our spiritual development.  That each situation and each challenge was divinely placed on our paths.  You will then ask me about the newborn abandoned by their parents.  Or the 10 year old who’s been kidnapped and assaulted for their entire childhood.  Or the abused spouse who’s had their mental, emotional, and spiritual state twisted and warped for the gain of power by another individual.  What about those situations?  My answer to that question would be the same as any other situation including those that are a direct result of our own actions; what are you going to do with this experience?

When we dive into our darkness, we find the part of ourselves that is need of healing by the radiant divine light within us.  I can even sum up the darkness, for the most part, with one word…fear.  Attachment, resistance, control, security, lack of faith.  All of these emotions are a direct result of fear.  And fear is more often than not, a byproduct of pain and suffering.  So what are you going to do about it?  You’re going to sit in it, explore it, embrace it, and love it.  You are going to love yourself in this space and that is how you heal it with your light.  You’re going to take your power back and that means that nothing outside of yourself is allowed to drown out your light.  There will be roadblocks along the way.  Resentments, anger, hatred, judgment, disgust, pain, sadness, despair, distrust, lack of faith in yourself and Source.  These hurdles are the very pieces of your darkness where you have the opportunity to rise and reclaim your power.  We heal ourselves, we cut the emotional cord to the people, places, and things, and this is the point that miracles take shape.

Once we have chosen to utilize these lessons as opportunities to rise, we have set an intention to heal and rise within our being.  We explore our darkness and fill it with our light.  We choose love over fear, we choose energy from self and source over seeking outside of ourselves, we choose to release the negative energy attached to our experiences over dwelling in a pain filled past, we choose personal power and responsibility over allowing another to control our being. When we set these intentions, the tools show up right on cue.  Information and guidance floods our path.  Every single bit of assistance that we require to achieve the impossible is lovingly placed in our hands.  We find forgiveness of self and others, we find courage to set healthy boundaries, we find humility to achieve empathy and compassion, we find power to take responsibility for our lives, and we find faith and trust in Source and our own ability to recognize the guidance.

We go within to clear the way to a higher level of consciousness.  This portion of the process cannot be avoided if we are ever going to truly heal and rise.  It’s dark, it’s painful, it’s destruction at it’s finest.  Yet, it is the most beautiful and phenomenal experience we will ever be blessed with, because this is the gateway to our light.  That divine spark within that is the connection to Source.  Where we find love at the highest levels imaginable and faith that cannot be described within the realms of human language.  Whatever you believe that Source to be, you will find it within, not without.  And you will be compelled, catapulted even, into a quest for purpose that is of service to love and creatiom.  This right here, in this space of love and light, lies gratitude beyond comprehension.  Gratitude for every experience that molded and shaped.  Gratitude for every person, place, and thing that gifted you with the lessons that allowed your soul to shine and unlocked the flow of miracles and blessings in your path.

So what are you going to do with it?  You’re going to accept that it happened, you’re going to acknowledge that it mattered, you’re going to explore and become aware of your emotions attached to it, you’re going to set an intention of rising, and you’re going to light up the world.  That’s what you’re going to do with it.  That is your job, and that is your purpose.  Is the abandoned newborn going to grow up to be an advocate for community support of parentless toddlers?  Is the 10 year old who’s been kidnapped and assaulted for the majority of her life going to grow up and be a voice for the lost and mistreated?  Is the abused spouse who’s been twisted on levels that are beyond description going to move forward to become a healer and empower?  My highest hope for all is that the experiences we face do not consume and control.  That they are a catalyst for the quest of unconditional love and service, whatever that may end up being.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett




We began this journey of enlightenment, more than likely with a moment of destruction that, internally felt like an explosion that rivals the blast of volcanic eruption.  It burned, it destroyed, it melted, and it consumed.  All the dense egoic fortress that shielded our inner being from the harsh external elements was now a pile of unrecognizable rubble at our feet.  But that was the whole point wasn’t it?

When we sat in our pain and suffering, we faced a crossroads that held two paths. To live, or die, both figuratively and perhaps even literally.  We’re still standing in our space today because we set an intention to rise from the ashes and the unexpected result was that we were consumed with a light found only in the space within where Source resides.  Powerful, radiating, illuminating, and consuming unconditional love.

Then suddenly, wisdom and clarity enter our consciousness and suffering ceases to exist.  Pain is lifted and it becomes undeniably clear that our destruction was the birthing process for our Higher Self.  We see the process for exactly what it is and become the most humbled and willing student of spirit.  Purpose consumes and we root our existence in service to creation.

There are no words to intellectualize the awakening of soul.  It cannot be described in verbal illustration, there are no words powerful enough to communicate.  It cannot be listed step by step for our sleeping minds to understand.  Each individual’s path is unique and cannot be followed.  It must be walked, step by step, in unwavering intention to climb higher and higher towards love and service.

It’s quite breathtaking if you think about it.  That all along, there was this glorious being of light within, bouncing and beaming just waiting for the opportunity to burst through the darkness and serve as a beacon on the journey home.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett