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Lessons Learned?


We walk through this life in concrete belief that everything in this world is Source, God, Spirit, Creator, Universe, whatever you want to call it.  Yet conveniently forget the fact that we were also blessed with the gift of Free Will.  Almost as though, when the laws of the universe tip the scales to the other end of the spectrum, we happen to forget the past choices that led us to this place…..hear me out….

From my personal perspective, yes, everything in this world is Source.  Yes, we have lessons to learn, and are provided the opportunities to learn these lessons via divinely placed speed bumps along the path.  Yes, that is what each of these experiences are supposed to be utilized for.  Some even believe that we choose what we need to experience before we enter this lifetime, in an effort for our souls to evolve.  But what if we are only continuing to need these experiences because we never fully learned them in times (or lifetimes) past?

What if we only continue to experience these lessons, because we never fully learn what they are placed there for?  Therefore, passing the mentalities, mindsets, beliefs, lifestyles and behaviors on to generation after generation, including the burden of our behaviors and the task of learning?  What if…we took responsibility for our free will and choices?  What if we didn’t pass on the task from generations and lifetimes?  Is all that is happening a passing on of our fruitless attempts to truly embrace the growth, wisdom and love that Source is so desperately trying to remind us of?

There’s a brand new generation being born right now.  What are we going to pass on to them?  What can we learn that will eliminate being passed on?  What if we dropped what we were doing, and created a foundation for these children that was built on the solid bricks of unconditional love, oneness, compassion, cooperation, wisdom, authenticity, acceptance and humility?  Would they miss out on the richness and depth of a full and beautiful existence?  Would this be the price of relieving them of the burden of experiencing homelessness, abuse, bullying?  Or would they grow in the light of Creator that we spend our entire lives reaching for and embodying?  I’ll give you a hint….we don’t know….

We don’t know because we have never accomplished this feat, ever, in modern human history.  Personally, I’d really, really, really love to find out.

Love and light sent your way today and always,

Kimberly Oliphant-Truett


Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert: It’s all true.

All the writings, and teachings.  All the practices, and ideas.  All the beliefs, and stories.  They’re all true. They’re true for you when they resonate with you.  All of that which sends shock waves up your spine and raised the hair on your skin.  All of that which lights up your soul and awakens your heart.  It’s true for you right now in this moment because it directs your path back to the state of love. This is the higher self at work, leading the way and allowing divine guidance to be announced.

This will also evolve, because you will evolve.  But it always begins and ends with love.  What may start out as a resonance with the art of boundaries, could serve to ignite our warrior spirit.  Leading us down the path of protection of ourselves and all we hold dear.  A brutal yet necessary​ lesson in the emerging of the higher self. Yet, as we rise, the fire in our spirit leads us through the lessons in duality and inches us closer to the state of unconditional love.  What rings true is an unshakeable trust in Self and Source, that we are fully equipped and able to set boundaries on behaviors and send love to the being that they originate from.  This is divine timing.  It’s a process.  And we will not fully understand and embrace each state without experiencing the previous one.

Our only requirement is to set an intention of unconditional love, and trust the universe to provide all that is needed for us to reside there.  It will require faith in ourselves and willingness to follow guidance.  It will require us to view each experience as an opportunity, a lesson that will point to our own darkness, as well as others, that requires healing.  It will require radical forgiveness and choosing to serve all of creation.  It’s terrifying and breathtaking, brutal and phenomenal.  And it’s the most stunning symphony we will ever be blessed to experience in all our days.

Love and light to you today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett