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All We Have To Do Is Find Our Way Back To Love


I consider myself a member of the human race that is deeply rooted in spirituality and consciousness on a quest for unconditional love from myself to all creation, including myself. I am still on my path to get there. I plan to always be.  Forever a student and forever willing to grow and rise. Do I believe in God?  Well, I believe in an energy, a force that is the creator and conductor of this universe and I happen to believe that that force is love.  I call it many names and it works in many forms. I connect with it in many ways and serve it in several others. Now, let me say that I am 100% supportive of your beliefs and it is of no concern of mine if you agree or disagree with mine.  If it brings no harm, then go for it!  Besides, if you really get down to it, the very essence of the traditional concept of God, is love.  I don’t care what you call it, and I do happen to call mine God.  As I refer to a “Higher Power”, “Source”, or “God” throughout this blog, I am referring to what I define as Unconditional Love.

My hope is that this blog will resonate with everyone. My belief is that we all inherently posses a spark, a flame of light that consists solely of unconditional love and is fueled by passion and purpose.  This is how we heal ourselves and heal the world that we live in.  Many of us have been fanning the flames for quite some time. Filling our space with radiance and illuminating the world around us. Others are not even consciously aware of it’s existence.  Whether consumed by darkness or bathing in the light, I believe we are all capable of becoming a healed and whole higher self, intent on service to creation and wrapped in love and light.

The reality is, this blog will probably speak first with the lightworkers, the healers, the intuits, and empaths.  The spiritually awakened, the old souls, the warriors, and the teachers.  We’ve experienced our lessons and will be continuously rising from this point on.  If you don’t think you are one of us, I hope you keep reading anyway.  I hope you realize quickly that, in fact, you are.  Because we all are.  We are here to heal, to guide, to learn, to teach, to rise, and to lift.  We’re here to connect, to serve, to love, and to feel.  We are powerful beyond anything that we can comprehend and all we have to do is find our way back to love.


Love and Light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett