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That’s How Miracles Happen



We began this journey of enlightenment, more than likely with a moment of destruction that, internally felt like an explosion that rivals the blast of volcanic eruption.  It burned, it destroyed, it melted, and it consumed.  All the dense egoic fortress that shielded our inner being from the harsh external elements was now a pile of unrecognizable rubble at our feet.  But that was the whole point wasn’t it?

When we sat in our pain and suffering, we faced a crossroads that held two paths. To live, or die, both figuratively and perhaps even literally.  We’re still standing in our space today because we set an intention to rise from the ashes and the unexpected result was that we were consumed with a light found only in the space within where Source resides.  Powerful, radiating, illuminating, and consuming unconditional love.

Then suddenly, wisdom and clarity enter our consciousness and suffering ceases to exist.  Pain is lifted and it becomes undeniably clear that our destruction was the birthing process for our Higher Self.  We see the process for exactly what it is and become the most humbled and willing student of spirit.  Purpose consumes and we root our existence in service to creation.

There are no words to intellectualize the awakening of soul.  It cannot be described in verbal illustration, there are no words powerful enough to communicate.  It cannot be listed step by step for our sleeping minds to understand.  Each individual’s path is unique and cannot be followed.  It must be walked, step by step, in unwavering intention to climb higher and higher towards love and service.

It’s quite breathtaking if you think about it.  That all along, there was this glorious being of light within, bouncing and beaming just waiting for the opportunity to burst through the darkness and serve as a beacon on the journey home.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett