There will always be people, places and things that cause us pain and suffering.  I’ve had a few, and you have too.  It didn’t take long for me to understand that when my moments of destruction hit, they were opportunities!  I was being given a chance to heal, find my personal power, find my connection to Creator, heal, and Rise Up into my higher self.  It took a while longer to understand that the ending of all my pain and suffering was walking towards unconditional love, radical forgiveness of self and others, acceptance, detachment and service to ALL creation with my badass levels of empathy and compassion and sensitivity.  It took awhile longer to understand exactly how to get to this point with the people places and things that pointed me in this direction.  It wasn’t until a complete surrender to trust in the process and a higher power and a lot of work trusting and believing in myself, that the guidance and tools became crystal clear.  I’m grateful today for the information that arrives, the gifts and blessings along the way, and the soul work that I’ve been given a chance to do.  I knew early on that what needs to happen will happen for my soul to rise up and light up my darkness.  That this was an inside job.  Not right away, but it didn’t take long.  Not because my ego wasn’t raging in all it’s glory, but because divine work was so spectacular that it couldn’t be denied.  I had pushed my issues under the rug for too long and now was my time to end all suffering.  I’ve had a chuckle at the information the last few months that has flowed through my path while observing the state of the world around me.  Ironically, the resemblance between my personal lessons and the lessons of humanity in general bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, but the gift has been that I’ve received the guidance I personally needed to move even closer to unconditional love and light.  The biggest gift of all though is that once we get the lessons learned and rise above, we are cleared and ready to begin our work of higher purpose.  I’m still trying to figure out what exactly this is for me, but I’m enjoying the hell out of the process.  A stunning symphony indeed.  Today I get to be grateful for my teachers and grateful for my lessons while experiencing an uncanny excitement and wonder about what lies around the next corner of my path.  And that, my friends, is the whole point…


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