Lighting The Path

To release control and attachment is to trust in a power greater than ourselves to guide along our path, towards our final destination of unconditional love and service to creation.  If we truly knee, down to our core, that this was where we were traveling and who was steering the ship, I bet we wouldn’t fight so hard.

I would imagine that instead of the embodiment of a toddler being told what to do, it would probably resemble more of an adult being told they won the lottery.  Let’s be honest.  If there was no question that what was on the other side of ego was everything we could possibly want, we wouldn’t be walking.  We’d be running full speed, taking out anything that stood in our way while sliding into home base like our lives depended on it.  

The truth is, everything we could ever possibly imagine is on the other side of ego, of darkness.  We don’t even have to start running.  There’s not anything that needs to be destroyed in order for us to there.  We’re already there!  We just don’t realize it yet.

Each and every last one of us is already a being of radiating light and unconditional love.  Cloaked in a veil of fear and attachment, the darkness blocks us from all that we are meant to be embodying.  Fear, grief, attachment, anger, power, greed; all blocking the continuous flow of love, joy, excitement, wonder, abundance, and empathy.  In order to proceed down our path, we have to give our higher power and higher selves permission to lead the way.

The ego, however, is not to be attacked and destroyed.  It is just as much a part of you as your soul.  Instead, it is to be loved and healed.  Sit in it, love yourself in it, and let that love heal and light it up.  This is the path out of the darkness and into the light.  Lifting the veil of unconsciousness and letting spirit soar.  Understanding that the Divine is within you, above you, below you and all around you.  That’s​ all you have to do.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett


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