Love Is The Ultimate Driving Force

Love is the ultimate force in the universe and is the driving force behind the healing, growing, learning, power and energy that we’re all seeking.  My story, like most, involves crisis, trauma, numbing, destruction, transformation and finally a quest for unconditional love, and I believe that this is exactly the path that we, as a species are on.  As more time passes, I find my story having an uncanny resemblance to the current situation.  And so I write….in hopes that it may help at least one person heal and begin their own quest towards love.  We have to move towards oneness.  We have to move towards unconditional love.

I, by no means, claim to know all the answers.  What I do know for sure, is the direct route to freedom, peace and joy, is love.  Although I have much experience in walking through my challenges while healing self and walking towards the vision, there are portions of this process that I am absolutely split down the middle on.  Can someone please explain to me how justice plays into a path that leads to unconditional love?! Or answer me this, what exactly am I supposed to be doing while darkness is attacking everyone and everything that I hold dear if I’m also believing what my lessons have taught me of destruction before transformation?  Maybe these questions will be answered by the time I get done writing.  Who knows.  I’m still walking my path but there are some things I know for sure.  I know those who came before me and the wisdom that they have shared.  I know I have an unshakable goal for myself as well as humanity in general. I know the wisdom that I have gained myself while I sit and ask for divine guidance and trust myself to hear it. I hope that someday, collectively we will all start the journey of healing and rising higher towards love.

Kim Oliphant-Truett


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