Turning Over Our Life To Source


What if we made a decision to accept a perspective that every single second of our entire existence was divinely placed on our path, exclusively for the purpose of our evolution? How would this concept alter our reaction to the world around us? If we truly embraced this concept, our instinctual response to the world around us would be one of wonder, excitement, peace, love, and light.

Here’s why.  Because you have chosen to view each experience as an opportunity, because you have chosen to have a faith in Source, and because you have chosen to believe that Source has but one desire for you.  It is now in anticipation that you sit and observe each experience.  Anticipation and wonder in what information this opportunity provides.  Excitement in the unknown of what fantastic gifts lay on the other side.  A deep seeded peace in faithful knowing of the divine purpose of love and blessings of strength, courage, and wisdom to pass onto you.

Above all else, the magnificent cloak of unwavering love and adoration that Source extends down to bathe you in for the journey.  The elimination of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, because every single second was perfect and purposeful.  A stunning symphony of moments and magic delightfully conducted by Creator with one sole purpose at work…to assist our evolution.  Would you stand down out of fight or flight?  Would you sit in amazement and serenity?  Would you be filled to the brim and overflowing with gratitude and magnificent love?

There will be encounters with darkness.  There will be experiences that are beyond the purpose of Source.  We have been given the gift of free will and therefore, some will use this to harm.  Yet still, even in the midst of grief, pain, anger, destruction, and chaos, it is our duty to find the beauty.  Even if it’s not in the moment, it is around us.  Even if it can’t be seen through the veil of rage and powerlessness, it’s a vision to walk through the storm towards.  To be wrapped in unconditional love and forgiveness from Source is the ultimate peace, and this will carry us through to brighter days.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett


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