Becoming Aware of Our Own Darkness


Awareness, in this regard, can quite simply be described as recognizing and acknowledging the fact that we have a darkness in the first place. For the majority of us, the mere level of pain and suffering that we carry around on a daily basis is sufficient to bring light to the places in our souls that are in desperate need of healing. In reality though, we will find a great deal of our darkness if we look at the places within that fear dictates our every move.  Fear could be described as nothing more than a lack of faith.  It is, however, a natural human emotional reaction that was originally meant to keep us alive.  Labeled as Fight or Flight, it’s meant to protect us in moments of life threatening danger.  However, it is not meant to be lived in as a state of being.  To be in a constant state of fear, like most of us are, suggests that we are missing a connection with Source, and that we are no longer able to fundamentally believe that we are being divinely guided and protected along or path.    Essentially, we’re unconscious.

Emotions serve as a compass, our soul’s way of pointing us in the direction we need to wander.  In my experience, fear is the surefire, tell all indicator of where I need to grow from.  Another face of ego, and what I believe to be at the root of a large portion of our suffering.  Fueled specifically by Attachment.  Attachment to people, places, and things.  Beliefs, ideologies, relationships, mind and body latching on to whatever gives it purpose and identity.  However, there’s one piece of the triangle missing in that equation…soul.  When soul is absent, darkness persists, and leaves us searching and grasping outside of ourselves for meaning and purpose.

Attachment, I believe, is at the root of much of our darkness.  Instead of seeking security, unconditional love, power, courage and strength directly from Higher Self and Source, we seek these things from the world around us.  Status, money, relationships, reputations, titles, all utilized to form a false identity and sense of belonging. A foundation of illusion that we build our house of ego upon.

To lovingly detach is a concept most of us have not grasped, or even considered in the first place.  It does not mean to shut out the world around us, while denying connections of any kind.  It simply means that we release the control of people, places, and things in our existence and our need for them to fulfill our needs and desires.  We delightfully love and embrace all of that which comes on our path, and allow the freedom of flow if, or when, it’s time to go.  Trusting, down to the core of our souls, that Source has purpose and meaning behind every encounter, every tool, every challenge, and every experience.  That every moment and every lesson is in an effort to shed the egoic layers and bring us closer to purpose. Attachment only serves to bring suffering and fear.

Authenticity is the acknowledgement and embracing of the whole self.  The light and the dark.  We all have a dark side.  On one hand, we can spend so much time defending our right to stay stuck in our shadows.  Claiming victim to our circumstances and the world around us.  On the other hand, we can be so entrenched in our own beliefs and defenses that we’ve created a reality that completely supports the denial of our darkness’ existence at all.  The goal is not to destroy the darkness, it’s to wrap it with love and light.  Once we become aware of it’s presence, we can finally dive in and see what needs to be healed.  What pain or trauma, superiority or judgement needs to be wrapped in the divine love?  What fear has taken over our vision and put a veil between our souls and the world around us?  What harm are we intentionally or unintentionally inflicting upon ourselves or others in an attempt to release from the grips of these thoughts and emotions?

To sit and ask the tough questions takes a lot of courage.  But it’s the first step towards healing. The key question to begin our journey is “What do I think, feel and in what ways do I behave, that works to separate myself from others?”  Ego separates and soul unites.  If I am in judgement, hatred, terminal uniqueness, attachment, defense, victim, sadness, suffering or grandiosity, I am in ego.  If I am in humility, unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, survivor, joy, serenity and empathy, I am in soul.  Every single one of which is a perfectly normal piece of yourself that you embody.  But what needs to be healed?  What has us living as though we are Source?  What has us separating ourselves from the whole?  These are the parts that we need to wrap in love.

I would love to hear about your journey into your darkness.  Share below and let’s see what areas we all have in common that needed to be healed.

Love and light your way today and always,

Kimberly Oliphant-Truett



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