Find the Vision and Move Towards It


I have a core belief that as children we arrive with nothing but our souls carried into this world by a tiny vessel of skin and bones and cells and atoms. Bursting at the seams with love and wonder of such incredible force that our vessel must grow at a rapid rate in an attempt to harbor it.  Born directly into a state of powerlessness seeking nothing but comfort, connection, joy and peace.  We don’t know what hate is.  We have no concept of greed or power.  Our only quest for the moment is to nourish our temple with sustenance and companionship.  We see the world around us with magic and wonder.  For a short, brief moment, we exist in this world as we are meant to….and then….shit happens.

Some of us continue on the path of comfort, joy and peace for many, many years before we’re brought to our knees with pain and suffering.  And then there’s the rest of us.  Born into withdrawals or abandonment, mental or physical disability, shuffled off into abuse, taught hate or living in fear.  Sometimes even all of the above.  Some are destroyed for living as a source of truth, light, love and enlightenment. We got a head start on the destruction of enlightenment and awakening if we so choose to follow this path.  We lost time growing in fun and love and faith, but we have a deep seeded ability to embrace it when we find it.  Our intuition, wisdom, empathy and soul have been wide awake and on fire since we learned how to talk, yet slowly but surely diminished to a ghost of a spark through the teachings of the world around us and a lack of faith in our own power, strength and magic.  We were born as the embodiment of love and fear is what we were met with.  The darkness snuffing out the light.

While we’re still young, the world allows and even encourages us to imagine and dream, wonder, explore and create.  Some of us are even lucky enough to be encouraged to feel, but not many.  Even fewer are taught to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.  This is true power.  Sadly, even for us lucky few, the older we get, the more these things are discouraged.  By adults, by peers, by society in general.

Whether we hit bottom from straight out of the womb, or numb and claw our way through life until we’re 85, we will hit our bottom and the power we possess is whether we use it as a catalyst for growth or a comfortable place to dwell. All destruction leads to transformation if we choose to move towards the light.  And the end goal is always, always love.  Love is the ultimate force in the universe and is the driving force behind the healing, growing, learning, power and energy that we’re all seeking.  My story, like most, involves crisis, trauma, numbing, destruction, transformation and a quest for unconditional love, and I believe that this is exactly the path that we, as a species are on.

But how do we get there?  In my experience, there’s a sequence of internal events that must take place to begin the transformation process that catapults us down our paths:

-Awareness that there is a problem in the first place

-Acceptance of the current situation and all involved

-A vision of what a healed and transformed self looks like

-Willingness to do the work

-Forgiveness of Self and Others

-Faith in a power much greater than myself

-An understanding that this is a journey that I will be on for the rest of my time here on earth

-An unshakable destination of unconditional love for all creation

Although it sounds overwhelming and impossible, if we want to change the world, we have to start within.  Every time we heal ourselves and move one step closer towards unconditional love, we are sending shock waves through the universe.  And so, I begin with me.  My vision of a healed and transformed self is one who is taking each step along the path in love and light, and if this is not possible at the moment, then I don’t take the step until it is.  It’s being in full alignment with my higher self and higher power.  It’s fulfilling my purpose of being the love and shining the light, serving as a conduit and doing my part to take care of all creation that crosses my path.  When I have this vision, the path becomes clear.  The fog lifts as each step I take, I have only one question to ask myself, and that is what actions brings me closer to the vision.

Tell me about your vision and what you’re doing to reach it!

Sending you love and light always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett


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