What does it mean to be brave??


I saw the word “brave” today while scrolling through some tweets today.  Which is not unusual, except that it caught my eye this time.  This attentive moment got me thinking of what exactly it meant to me to be brave, courageous or fearless.  What does that look like?

Frequently, while discussing with others, utilizing our challenges as opportunities to rise up towards our higher selves, it’s hard to visualize what that even looks like.  If anything it looks hard and painful and nothing anyone in their right mind wants to be any part of!!  And they’re right!  It is hard and painful, destructive and brutal.  The whole purpose behind utilizing our challenges as opportunities is understand that we are not in charge and we are not all knowing.  Choosing to believe that our higher power placed this little nugget on our path in order to address what it is in us that needs to be healed and that, my friend, is a deceptively destructive process indeed.  Because we’ve spent years and years and YEARS protecting these parts of ourselves from being exposed to the elements.  In our version of reality, they’re safely tucked behind every coping mechanism known to man and there’s no way we could withstand the torture of stripping away all those tools we have in our toolbags to keep us comfortably settled in the darkness.

The truth of the matter is, we are in darkness when we are shielding ourselves from the world out of fear of feeling things that we remember how horrible it was the first time around.  When we protect ourselves from any further harm that could possibly come our way.  We cannot be fully basking in the light if we’re shackled underneath the egioc armor.

Alas, as we often say, when it hurts bad enough, we’ll do the work….and it will hurt bad enough eventually.  Most are not immune to the point in time when we hit a bottom that we didn’t even see coming and our entire lives are flipped upside down and spun around until we don’t know which end is up.  The point when you have only one of two options if you’re going to survive….you can either face your demons, dissect your fears, and wrap yourself in love and light, or you can look outside to anyone or anything you can possibly transfer this pain to.  However, some have a third option, which leads to me what my definition of brave is today.

Today I see being brave as trusting my higher power first and foremost to gently push me down my path.  To know that no matter what it looks like, that my higher power is guiding me with unconditional love and a focus on pointing me in the direction of my purpose.  That what is meant to be with me will stay, and what’s not needs to get out of my way.  To find gratitude in every second of it, even if it takes me three days to find that second of gratitude.  It also means to trust myself immediately after, to be aware and awake enough to see the synchronicity and recognize it for what it is.  To stare fear dead in the face, ready to dive in straight down to the core with compassion and empathy of what I might find there that needs my love to heal.  To have the willingness to accept what’s laid before me…the first time…so that that gentle push is not forced to become a swift kick in the ass.  Because I do shit like that.

I love hearing the perspectives of others as I walk open minded on my path!  Comment below and share your ideas of what brave means to you!

Love and light your way always,

Kim Oliphant-Truett


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