The universe will take care of you no matter


I’m grateful today that I can giggle a bit at my attempt at wobbling down my spiritual path.  Case in point, this morning I was a bit off.  A teeny bit fiesty and a smidgeon of discontentment sent into overdrive when I came downstairs and saw that the dog had decided to rifle through the garbage last night and it was now all over the kitchen floor.  Being as I had just cleaned the house less than 24 hours prior, I naturally threw my hands up in a definitive declaration vowing to never clean the house again.  It’s just not worth the time.  In my own head of course as no one else had made their way out of bed yet.

Clearly, I’m a bit off, or maybe it’s just a little early to have to scrub floors.  Either way, it’s not the response of gratitude for the food, floor, dog, time, ability and resources that I could have leaned into that were all required for that mess to be there in the first place.  No, we were going straight for screw all of it immediately!  Luckily, cleaning is one of those times that is a bit of a meditation for me.  I just focus on what I’m doing and what I’m accomplishing and since I’m one of those people who would rather do it quickly myself than ask for help while taking the time to explain and inspect, everyone else just kind of does their thing while I clean.  Perfectionist??  Interestingly enough something I never thought I’d say about myself, but is definitely coming to my attention recently.  But that’s a whole other blog post.

At any rate, while scrubbing down the floor in a slight state of resentment, I happened to glance out the window to see little white flakes falling from the sky.  Since snow is not something that we see often in my parts, and happens to be one of my favorite things on the planet, my heart lit up….and I stood still.  Only for a moment though, just to grab my phone and go out in the backyard to take a couple of pictures of the fluffy loveliness piling up on the fallen branches, rocks and plant that line the perimeter.  I got giddy.

This is the point that it occurred to me, I haven’t meditated in at least 4 days.  Now, if you’re anything like me, if you haven’t taken the time to sit and meditate for at least 20 minutes in more than a day or two, it gets ugly.  Resembling something similar to toddler having their favorite blanket taken away…it’s pretty bad.  I gave a chuckle when I realized that no matter how much I stand in my own way, or get lost in egoic thinking and being with all my might, the universe always shows up in the most spectacular ways that cannot be ignored once we’ve began walking our spiritual path of awareness and enlightenment.  Little subtle things like a surprise snow shower on a cozy, quiet Sunday morning become my route back home inside the heart to connect with source and walking once again towards purpose.  It never ceases to amaze me, and I never cease to amaze myself at my ability to recognize it for what it is.  So I sit, and sip coffee, and talk to self and source.  Then I write.  It’s a beautiful symphony indeed.

Love and light on this beautiful day,

Kim Oliphant-Truett

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